True Story Time

Real Stories Told By Real Peple
Welcome to True Story Time. We are a group of Storytellers who share our most intimate, raw , funny and emotional stories live on stage with you, our listener. See below who we are and when the next opportunity to see us live arrises.


Marijn Visser
Marijn Visser

This entrepreneur owns a big arsenal of true stories, peppered with humor. As a welcome guest at Mezrab and CafĂ© de Ceuvel he’s not afraid to share his opinion and the stage feels like his second home...

Joris Pekel
Joris Pekel

‘You either have a good time, or you have a good story’ are the words Joris lives by. This often gets him in absurd situations that he gladly shares with the audience. Coming from an improv theatre background, no story is ever the same.

Kor Hoebe
Kor Hoebe

Born and raised in Amsterdam, this fellow is half Polish and half Dutch, although he refers to himself as a German (are you still following?). As a stand up comedian, storyteller and improviser, shocking the audience (in a positive way) is just what he does.

Upcoming Events:

  • 16 September – DOKA Volkshotel

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Some very true quotes

True Story Time is the best fucking thing I have seen in a long time. And I see a lot!- Steve Jobs, Apple
No idea how I ended up there, but for sure I never wanted to leave!- Willie
Whahahahaa- Jane Smith, Google